Our Pricing is Simple, Clear and Transparent

At EchonLabs, our pricing strategy ensures that you know what your cost will be upfront, so that you won’t face with any surprise charges along the way. It’s simple to understand, clear and transparent, while applied to across to all our services globally.

Based on your contract (plan) with us, you pay a flat-rate for each resource (software engineers, UI/ UX engineers, quality assurance engineers, business analysts, project managers, etc.) used either hourly, monthly or yearly.

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The best talent is sourced through a thorough screening and onboarding process to ensure industry standards and efficiency.


Your intellectual property is always safe, with whatever we develop belongs to you strategy. All resources adhere to strict compliance policies.



Guarenteed to deliver results as promised, while maintaining the resources in-demand. We’ll add a few more resources on the house, just for peace of your mind.

* The rates above are for resources with less than or at least 2 years of experience in any of the specialization areas.
The rates vary across the level of experience of the resources.

* VAT and other taxes might be applicable on top of the above rates.