Protech ( is the Digital Gateway to Janashakthi Life insurance plans that brings the whole insurance battle in Sri Lanka to meet the state-of-the-art.

Decades of service to the nation has transformed Janashakthi from its humble, local roots, to being a key player in the Sri Lankan Insurance industry. Having brought in thousands of Sri Lankans into the organisation, the Janashakthi family has consistently pursued one, bold ambition of lighting up millions of lives with the warmth and protection of Insurance.

Our commitment to our customers is served by the members of our Janashakthi family who have, for years, been pacesetters in service excellence and developed benefits that deliver a service that goes that extra mile, beyond the norms of Insurance. They are the sole reason behind many of the firsts we have achieved in the industry and in Sri Lanka.

We remain committed to providing our loyal customers with assurance and security as we expand our Life Insurance business across the island. This is why we have consistently pursued our purpose of uplifting lives and empowering dreams of Sri Lankans across all corners of the nation. It is why we have been trendsetters, raising the bar for Sri Lankans’ expectations of their Insurance providers. And it is why our customers continue to define us by our unflagging commitment to them and their loved ones.

In line with our purpose, we now journey forward to become a leader in the Life Insurance industry, rooted in local entrepreneurship but fuelled by a pioneering spirit that continues to believe in the protective light of Insurance.