This Enterprise Software Solution is a cloud-based comprehensive Customer Relationship Management System with the following modules:


  • Customers and Self-Register, Login and View History of their Jobs and also Manage their Vehicles
  • Admins can Add, Edit, Delete Customers and Manage their Information
  • Create Customer Collections based on Filters for Marketing and Promotions
  • Login based on Preferred Contact Mode (Email or Phone Number)


  • Add, Edit, Delete Vehicles to Customers
  • Transfer Vehicle Ownership between Customers
  • Add Daily Jobs for Vehicles
  • Create Vehicle Collections based on Filters for Marketing and Promotions

Daily Jobs

  • Add, Edit, Delete Daily Jobs to Vehicles
  • Manage Workflow of Daily Jobs
  • Add Customer Feedback at the end of a Daily Job
  • Analytics on Daily Jobs across Branches, and many other parameters
  • Alert customer when the Vehicle is ready for collection


  • Add, Edit, Delete Promotions created to Customer or Vehicle Groups
  • Promo code assignment for promotion entitled Customers on their next Daily Job


  • Automatically pre-configured (through References) Reminders for Daily Job Feedback Collection


  • Multiple Advanced Reports with Dynamic Reports

Activity Log

  • Keep track of all modifications done by Admins for Auditing Purposes


  • Add, Edit or Delete all references used through out the system
  • Manage Email and SMS Templates
  • Manage Rules for Reminders based on Daily Job completion date


  • Manage two layers of admin roles: Operational and Managerial

KleenPark – Customer Relationship Management System