A much awaited App to take the worries away from the parents of school children has been invented by Sensus Hub Pvt Ltd in consultation with the All Island School Children Transport Association (AISCTA). This App was officially launched on last Sunday (19 July 2020) at a Ceremony held at Imakro Reception Hall, Bandaragama attended by AISCTA members, Sensus Hub Directors / Officials / Developers, School Teachers, Principals, Parents, DFCC Bank / Allianz Insurance Officials and well-wishers.

The ARAKSHA APP can be downloaded to any smartphone through Android Play Store and iOS AppStore. It is embedded with twin Apps – PARENT APP and DRIVER APP. Through PARENT APP any a parent can select the preferred Driver, School Van, and Route either manually or scanning the QR Code sticker pasted on the Van. Likewise, the drivers (AISCTA members) too setup their starting point, visiting schools, destination, the route and pick-up points while enrolling existing students and new ones routed through PARENT APP. Once synchronized with DRIVER APP Parents get notifications when the Van is approaching home, when the kid is being picked-up and dropped-off and tracing their kid’s location throughout the journey. And they can make their kids ‘Unavailable’ when they are sick or wish to be absent. As such, both the Drivers and Parents enjoy peace of mind during the operation while experiencing mutual trust, respect for each other.

Introducing the Araksha Driver and Parent Apps
Araksha Driver App Walkthrough
Araksha Driver App – In Travel Mode
Araksha Parent App Walkthrough