My First Month as a Trainee Software Engineer

Hello Everyone!

I’m Tharinda, a Trainee Software Engineer at EchonLabs. I joined EchonLabs one month ago and in this blog article, I’m going to share my experience throughout this month.

How the Month Went…

I’ll start with Day 01. On the very first day, I had a mixed feeling of excitement and happiness. I was curious to know what was going to happen. On that day, there were 3 sessions arranged for interns. The first 2 sessions were KT (Knowledge Transfer) sessions on the Vurq app and the BaseApp ERP system. Both sessions were conducted by Associate Project Managers. The next session was “Tea with CEO”. It was a nice, friendly discussion with our CEO, introducing ourselves and talking about various topics.

Our company provided me access to 3 Udemy courses to learn Angular, MEAN stack, and Git/ GitHub. For the next 2 weeks, I spent time following these courses. Though I couldn’t complete all the courses, I learned so many new technical-related things. I also participated in my first standup and project planning meeting in the first 2 weeks. On a Friday night at the end of the second week, a fun event called “Game Night” was held. It was full of joy, laughter, and fun. I really loved that event.

From the third week onwards, I was assigned some tasks in our project. As this is a real-life project, it was challenging to read and understand the code at first. But the senior developers and my supervisor helped me to complete my tasks. They are very supportive and always willing to help. At the end of the first month, I was assigned the “Challenge Task”. I had to create a common component from scratch. It was a bit difficult task for me, but with a little bit of help from senior developers, I could complete that task successfully. Throughout this month, my Human Resources Partner also kept in touch with me and helped me to sort out any problems I had.

Skills I Gained…

My main objective in participating in this internship program is to gain industrial experience as well as learn new skills. In just this first month, I could improve both my technical and soft skills.

The technical skills I gained so far are mostly related to Angular and Git. I learned different concepts of Angular such as Components, Directives, Observables, and Routing. I also learned how to work with Git and how to resolve the errors that occur when working with Git.

Talking about soft skills, I significantly improved my communication skills. Communication skills are crucial for anyone who works in a software company. The reason is, in a software company, we have to work as a team and participate in a number of meetings. Therefore, we have to communicate with different kinds of team members such as the Project Manager, the QA team, the UI/UX team, and the other Developers. We should both talk with others in a clear manner and listen to others carefully. Another invaluable soft skill I gained is time management. We are working with the flexy hours concept and we must work for 8 hours per day. In the first few days, it was somewhat difficult for me to manage my time well. But then I learned how to stick to a schedule and allocate my time efficiently for each task.

Wrapping It Up…

In conclusion, I can say that I made the right decision by joining EchonLabs for my internship program. In just this first month of my internship program, I could improve myself a lot, work with a team of skilled people, and gain a lot of new experiences.

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